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Kitchen Personality Quiz

What questions should I ask myself about the way my household uses the kitchen?

Kitchen Personality Quiz

1. How many cooks usually work in the kitchen at the same time?

a. Two or more. Cooking is a social event. We love to include family, friends and the kids.

b. Usually only one person cooks at a time.

c. We hardly cook at home.

2. What's your cooking style?

a. We are serious cooks. Cooking and entertaining at home is how we unwind.

b. We are somewhat laid-back. On most nights, dinner tends to be somewhat casual. That said, for special events and on holidays we cook for a crowd.

c. Mostly quick and easy meals, or carry-out.

3. Who else hangs out in the kitchen, and what do they do there?

a. The kitchen is the heart of my home. Everyone hangs out in the kitchen.

b. Most of the time, the kitchen is the most heavily occupied room in the house.

c. The kitchen gets minimal use.

4. How important is easy cleanup?

a. I would rather have durable commercial grade cooking equipment and functional food preparation areas.

b. The room sees too much activity for surfaces to need coddling. It has to clean up fast.

c. What I really need is a recycling system for paper, plastic, and glass.

5. If you could splurge on one luxury, what would it be?

a. A heavy-duty six-burner range top, or perhaps double ovens.

b. I would like my kitchen to have multiple functions, not just cooking.

c. The kitchen is used so little it rarely needs cleaning.

If You Answered 3 Or More A's

Think like a pro. If it's in the budget, spend the money on commercial grade cooking equipment, great food preperation areas, lots of pantries, dedicated spice storage, and a refrigerator spacious enough to accommodate platters. You may also want to consider glass-front cabinets or open shelves to display dishes and glassware. Make sure you have good task lighting and stick to a flooring material which is easy on the feet and easy to clean.

If You Answered 3 Or More B's

Keep it functional, not fussy. Design in features that will simplify your daily routine—a self-cleaning oven, a microwave where the kids can reach it, lots of counter and storage space. Since you rarely cook labor-intensive meals, spend your appliance dollars on an energy-efficient side-by-side refrigerator, an easy-to-clean cooktop, and sturdy cabinetry with ample space for household staples. Think in advance about ways to control the inevitable clutter from all that family activity, such as an adjustable shelving system or cubbies fitted with bins.

If You Answered 3 Or More C's

Remember resale. Spend your makeover dollars on practical, clean-lined cabinets; good-quality basic appliances; and conveniences like a built-in recycling center. Be careful not to spend too little on the kitchen: Quality counts with homebuyers, and a shoddy new kitchen is no better than a dingy old one. It will be money well spent.


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