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Our Design Team

It has been said that design is the search for a magical balance between business and art, between art and craft, intuition and reason, concept and detail and most importantly, between the Client and the Designer. Imperial Home Center differentiates themselves from the competition of “big box stores” by boasting a team of design professionals with a combined 90+ years of experience in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling business.

Why Do You Need a Veteran Designer?

Good Questions Are Asked and Intently Heard.

A veteran designer knows the pertinent questions to ask that will efficiently gauge your intentions, discern your needs, and identify your pain.

Good Design is Good Business.

Understanding and communicating your budget expectations helps the Designer establish realistic boundaries. Considering those financial parameters, the Designer will help the Client understand their product options and allowances.

“Form Follows Function” Must Be the Cornerstone in Every Design.

Truly elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into simple and uncluttered form. There are obstacles to overcome with every kitchen or bath design and perhaps barriers that may hinder some of the options at your disposal. Once these barriers are overcome, the right combination of style, colors, textures, and finishes may be applied to achieve innovative and aesthetically pleasing living spaces.

There is No Such Thing as a “Cookie Cutter” Solution.

Each design must be tailored to the specific needs and desires of their respective owners. A successful designer must pair their own knowledge with the needs and wants of the client to create a custom design that perfectly suits each respective application.

Meet Our Design Team:

Diane Jackson

Diane, Design Team

Early on, Diane knew that she wanted a career as a designer. That decision led her to pursue an architectural degree from the University of Toledo. Her training and years of valuable experience give her the spatial understanding that helps her get the most out of any environment. Equipped with an extensive comprehension of materials and accessories, Diane excels at combining the appropriate elements to deliver a project that meets the needs and embodies the style of her clients.

Ron Rhodes

Ron, Design Team

Whether he’s spending time with his grandchildren, ministering to fellow armed forces or serving his local civic government, Ron loves talking to people. With that love, it's no surprise that he was a flourishing elected official for 25+ years and a proficient designer still today. In the same way that he cultivates his beloved garden, Ron strives to help his clients develop their vision so they can fully realize the fruits of their labor.

Mark Yusko

Mark, Design Team

Mark knows cabinets. His carpentry background allows him to understand the workings of cabinet construction, and his years of experience help him fit the ideal design into any room, but his expertise does not end there. He displays an industry resourcefulness that makes him adept for any project. Mark prides himself in designing a plan where the scope is accurate and the client is satisfied with the money spent.

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